• Oct282019

    9 Things You Didn’t Know about Ponte Vecchio in Florence

    1 – The History Ponte Vecchio has a rich history. It crosses at the narrowest point of the Arno river,…

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  • Oct042019

    A Roof to Florence: Fiesole

    Fiesole is one of the most perfect day trips from Florence: it has so much to offer, and it is…

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  • Sep302019

    Red Gold in San Gimignano: a Saffron Story

    Some say that San Gimignano became a rich town thanks to dyed silks, and its medieval tower were often used…

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  • Sep102019

    Story of an Ancient Recipe: Panforte – How to Make it

    Story of an ancient recipe: Panforte – How to Make it History and legend of Panforte In Siena there is…

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  • Sep022019

    The Signature Dish of Italy: Pappa al Pomodoro

    Now, this is one dish that every single person who ever visits Italy simply must try! We know that Pizza…

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  • Aug272019

    Crostata di Ricotta e Marmellata di Mirtilli !

    We Italians love cheese, we love fresh fruits and we love dessert! So why not combine all three? Well, we…

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  • Aug242019

    All you need to know about Pastella and How to Make it

    Pastella Pastella is the base for many types of fried food in Italy. As it often happens with Italian cuisine,…

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  • Aug242019

    Antipasto Platter: What (food) Dreams Are Made of!

    An Antipasti Platter is something, any foodie will tell you, dreams are made of. If you do it right, an…

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  • Jul232019

    Ricciarelli – A recipe from Medieval Siena

    Ricciarelli are a traditional Italian type of biscuit. Legend tells that Ricciardetto della Gherardesca introduced them in Medieval Siena when he…

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  • Jul012019
    rocca d'orcia

    Rocca d’Orcia in 7 Points: History and Myths

    Today, we want to tell the story of another medieval village, Rocca d’Orcia. 1 The tiny village of Rocca d’Orcia…

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