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Educational and alumni travel

Offers Alumni Travellers the opportunity to experience
the mystery of Tuscany and other regions of Italy

Looking for someone to offer something very personal and unique to organize your Alumni travel or your schools travel abroad program? Wanting to really savour a unforgettable Tuscan experience? Let us do the work!

We provide Italian adventures from start to finish ,we have over 13 years experience organizing trips plus we are the people of the country eager to educate and share with you our lifestyle, enrich your knowledge of the history and best of all the culinary experience ! Trips with flexibility to choose excursions and to personalize your groups vacation.
Just because your college or University days are over, you do not have to stop experiencing and learning.

We offer unique quality and cultural travel programs , opportunities to experience new faces, places and cultures specializing in Tuscany and other areas of Italy from Rome to Venice.

Live the dream close up and personal! Unique experiences for the students!

Good Tastes Of Tuscany

Alumni travellers will fall under the spell of this beautiful country. Steeped in History and stunning beauty, full of unbelievable wonders Alumni Travellers will step back in time and wonder.

Good Tastes of Tuscany provide Cultural Education for young student Travellers We offer many and varied services to inspire and delight.

The Good Tastes of Tuscany work with Alumni & student travellers , fulfilling adventure of cooking, eating ,travelling ,washed in Culture and bonding with their peers.

Educational Classes

Cooking Classes

Single day classes
Multi day classes
Weekly Adventure Culinary Experiences

Our chefs are fully trained in Tuscan Cuisine teaching groups is their forte involving each and every student with hands on experience.

The students will prepare, cook, serve and eat the delicious foods of Tuscany, A trip to the fresh food markets with the chef is always an educational and fun experience.

Eating issues is not a problem our aim is to accommodate our students
Our Chefs specialize in organic food, celiac, vegetarian, vegan Cuisine and intolerances.

The Tours

We will organise your tours with our experienced guides who will take you through the most important Galleries ,Museums ,Churches Bridges ,Gardens, Cities and travel through the Italian countryside with its unbelievable beauty . Special visits to cheese farms, balsamic vinegar tastings, prosciutto and salami producers to name some of the endless choices for a diverse experience.

Vineyard Tours are especially seductive . The joy of growing the grapes to the science and history of making the wine.

All the elements of storing, bottling , exporting to bringing and serving the wine to the table. Entering into the mysterious cellars that date back to the 14th century.

Learn about the picking and pressing of the olives to create the famous extra virgin olive oil that Tuscany is world famous for..

Good taste of Tuscany can provide many and varied tours for the Historical education of the Alumni Traveler.

Providing tours of Villa Pandolfini cellars ,kitchen, ballroom, loggia and Gardens takes personal Pride ,some imagine they are stepping back in time to the 14th century.


Our drivers will provide shuttle services for groups large or small Airport and train transfers,pickup or take you to your next destination. Water taxis in Venice. Good Tastes of Tuscany will provide a total and professional experience whatever your needs are with pride and love.


Let us organise your accommodation throughout Italy we can take the worry and the unknown out of planning the accommodation.

The Beautiful Pandolfini Estate has extraordinary accommodation from the Historical and palatial grandeur of the 14th century Villa Pandolfini to the lovely farmhouses on the Estate complete with swimming pools and all facilities.

Organizing Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Agricultural farm Tourism any and all accommodations throughout Italy is what we do every day.

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