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The Ultimate Italian Recipe Book

The Accademia Italiana di Cucina Pandolfini is delighted to announce the release of its new cookbook, the “Ultimate Italian Recipe Book” that is now available to all students, and to home-cooks who wish to have a constant companion, guiding them into an Italian culinary haven.

This Recipe Book also features a regional introduction into an intense culinary, geographical, historical, cultural and virtual journey, on the discovery of the magnificent diversity of Italy, and its stunning landscape, through its food.

This comprehensive Recipe Book, soon to be sought after by cooking enthusiasts, comprises of more than three hundred recipes which are conveniently divided into the twenty regions of Italy, all courteously introduced, allowing you to also discover Italy from coast to coast, from the Alps to Sicily, solely by the differences in produce, live-stock and ultimately in the flavor of all the dishes.

It is a true gastronomic lexicon, with a guide for the correct measurement of all ingredients ensuring the problem free execution of every dish, and it also provides you with step-by-step, easy to follow procedures. We have made sure that the time-frame for each phase of cooking is described with enough detail, so you can follow the culinary process effortlessly, whilst discovering many Academy secrets in the methods and technique of each recipe. It will take a few correct attempts, before you can call yourself a MasterChef! And we are here with the help of our all-inclusive Recipe Book to guide you every step of the way.

The Manual is also used for the newly designed Master program which consists of one hundred hours, an extensive knowledge of traditional Italian food that encapsulates each and every region.

To order your copy of the cookbook, at €28.00, or sign up for our limited-availability Master Chef Program, please contact [email protected].

Delivery times
Premium-Delivery targets:
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North America: 5/6 working days plus posting day
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Postage Charges:
For One Recipe Book, the charges are:
UK – € 3.20
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Australia – € 5.50
** this is for any package under 350g.
Two Recipe books are more than 350g. So for any package from 350g- 1kg, the charges are:
UK – € 5.70
USA & South Africa – € 8.70
Australia – € 11.70

The Ulimate Italian Recipe book