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  • Aug242019

    Antipasto Platter: What (food) Dreams Are Made of!

    An Antipasti Platter is something, any foodie will tell you, dreams are made of. If you do it right, an…

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  • May292015

    Pitigliano, an Ancient Jewish Community in Southern Tuscany

      Welcome once again to our Blog. We are still in southern Tuscany , near the border with Lazio (Rome…

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  • May092014

    The Main Event : Secondi, Main Course!

    Pollo ripieno con pistacchi , salsiccia e prosciutto We Italians love our food and nothing is more beautiful than a…

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  • Apr302014

    Sugo di Funghi, key to a variety of Italian dishes!

    Sometimes you find that you’re too caught with life you sit down and treat yourself to a lavish lunch. What…

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  • Nov132013

    The Dirt on Truffles

    When you see a truffle, you can’t help but wonder what the big deal about it is. It’s often described…

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  • Aug012013

    Around the Tuscan table

    In Tuscany the table and the kitchen is everything, people gather together in the winter nights around the table near…

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  • Jul272013

    Zucchini flan – simple and delicious recipe

    This recipe that we use in our Culinary school , can be used for Zucchini , broccoli,cauliflower or a mix…

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  • Jul232013

    Top Italian Beer: La Birra Italiana per eccellenza

    Think of Tuscany and you’re likely to imagine the delicious Tuscan cuisine paired with a perfect Chianti. You may not think…

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  • Jul162013

    Panzanella, a Traditional Tuscan Recipe

    Panzanella Bread and vegetable salad Serves 6 400 g 2-day-old Tuscan-style bread 4 tomatoes, diced 2 red onions or 4…

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  • Jul102013

    Ragu di carne

    Ragu di Carne #1 Meat ragu # 1 Serves 6 1 red onion 1 stick of celery 3 carrots 300…

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