How to Make Sausage – Hands-on Course

How to Make Sausage – Hands-on Course


For all the lovers of this traditional Italian and Tuscan Product: have you ever wondered how to make it, how to make Italian sausage? Experience our new sausage making class, here at the Good Tastes of Tuscany cooking school. While the entire process of making cold cuts can take a lot of time, we have designed a daily course in which you will learn how to make sausage and salami with an hands on approach: forget books and written tips only!

Italian expertise in sausage making, as well as salami making, has become famous all over the world, both in the industrial sense and, above all, in the traditional genuine way. Our daily course in sausage making wants to explore this second way; it will be an exceptional experience in which you will learn the Italian way of making salami and other cold cuts.

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Our chefs will introduce you to this special hands on class by following traditional recipes and adding some tips on how to make sausages, so that you can bring back home a very important, typical and tasty piece of Italy.

Join the Good Tastes of Tuscany cooking school in this new Italian sausage making class and learn the secrets of cold cuts making. Knowing them means to uncover, little by little, traditional Italian love for food in your own way.

PRICE: 300 Euro per person