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Tuscan Sample Menu

A Tuscan Sample Menu, as prepared in our Cooking Classes – by Good Tastes of Tuscany

  • A focus on pasta: what would Italy be without it? We will discuss different pasta making techniques, stuffed pastas, colouring and flavouring pastas, different sauces and how to match them with different types of pastas. Handmade pasta from rolling out picci, making pasta with the gitara to using the pasta machines.
  • What makes a great risotto? The do’s and don’ts, shortcuts and the broths. Professional tricks to save you all the stirring.
  • There are many dishes in our region that focus on soups in the winter and salads in the summer using old bread and the wonderful variety of vegetables in season. The combinations seem countless and it all began with Florence cooking.
  • There are many varieties of gnocchi from dressed and undressed! Discover what this means during your florence cooking vacation with us!
  • These are the meat, fish and game dishes accompanied by vegetables and flans. Italy has many meats, the game is handled and treated perfectly and there is no waste of any of the animals, dishes are cleverly invented to use all the organs and cuts of any meats with outstanding results.
  • The vegetable dishes used in the tuscan cooking class are endless so vegetarians are not disappointed, seasonal vegetables make each season’s cookery vacation interesting, the zucchini flowers that are stuffed, fried or used in risotto or pasta sauces, wild mushrooms, artichokes, black kale, italian spinach, cabbages, cannellini beans. So many uses and also incredible when fresh, used for antipasto as salads and crostone to side dishes in the winter.
  • The secret of all Italian cookery are the fresh products used. Fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables are the base of all tasty dishes and frozen products are almost never used. During the year the menu’s in all restaurants change, adapting to the produce available and we will discuss the various dishes popular for each season.
  • Always a must, antipasti is the start of the culinary experience of each meal. It can be a simple bruschetta with fresh basil, tomato and garlic chopped and placed on the country style wooden baked oven bread, sprinkled with pepper and salt and drizzled with only the best extra virgin olive oil to a artichoke salad, do not be intimidated also taught in the cooking class is how to prepare artichokes. Italian bread and pizza class – We have included also how to make a focaccia and italian pizza.