• Aug272019

    Crostata di Ricotta e Marmellata di Mirtilli !

    We Italians love cheese, we love fresh fruits and we love dessert! So why not combine all three? Well, we…

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  • Aug242019

    Antipasto Platter: What (food) Dreams Are Made of!

    An Antipasti Platter is something, any foodie will tell you, dreams are made of. If you do it right, an…

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  • Jun042019
    Lunigiana – Tours of Tuscany

    From the coast to the castles: Lunigiana – Tours of Tuscany

    From the coast to the castles: Lunigiana – Tours of Tuscany From Carrara to Casola, from the beach to the…

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  • Mar052019

    Parmesan Cheese – the real deal

    Mention “Parmesan Cheese” and some may think of the yellow gritty stuff with a notorious odour. Not only does this…

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  • Feb252019

    Cavolo Nero – Tuscan Kale

    Kale might be all the rage these days – think kale shots, kale chips, kale juice – but this green…

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  • Feb192018

    Piemonte on the Table – Italian Regional Cuisine

    Piemonte on the Table In line with the meaning of its name, ‘foot of the mountain’ Piedmont is a dwelling…

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  • Jan312018
    3 Special Tips

    3 Special Tips to Stick on Budget while Visiting Tuscany

    3 Special tips to stick on budget while visiting Tuscany While you’re on a trip, alone or with friends, it…

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  • Jun272014

    Easy Cooking with Sugo di Funghi

    Sometimes juggling work and life can be hard, you’re often so busy that cooking becomes a chore and you find…

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  • May312014

    Soffiato di Porri e Formaggio, Worth its Weight in Cheese

    Antipasti is often considered a little filler while you await the main course. But that’s not how we do in…

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  • May312014

    Most Popular Food from Italy: Pizza!

    There’s one dish that is pretty much synonymous with Italy, as a whole. No one in their right mind would…

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