• May262019

    Three Itineraries to Enjoy Garfagnana – Tours of Tuscany

    Three Itineraries to Enjoy Garfagnana This ancient region of Tuscany is famous for not only its typical spelt or Via…

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  • Apr232019

    Journey through the Tuscan Coast on a Motorbike – Tours of Tuscany

    Journey through the Tuscan coast on a motorbike – Tours of Tuscany From Castiglione della Pescaia to Marina di Carrara…

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  • Apr022018

    Trentino Alto-Adige on the Table – Italian Regional Cuisine

    Trentino Alto-Adige on the Table – Italian Regional Cuisine This mountainous region in northeastern Italy is known for its dramatic…

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  • Dec072017

    The Spelt of Garfagnana – Tours of Tuscany

    The Spelt of Garfagnana – Tours of Tuscany Garfagnana is a part of Tuscany in the nearabouts of Lucca. If…

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  • Nov012016

    Etruscan Roots Beyond Tuscany: Umbrian Cuisine

    Etruscan Roots Beyond Tuscany: Umbrian Cuisine Reference: MAXWELL, V.; LEVITON, A.; PETTERSEN, L.; Tuscany and Umbria, Lonely Planet, 2010 Umbrian cuisine finds…

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  • Aug012016

    Tartufi: 5 Types of Truffles You Can Find in Tuscany

    Tuscany is famous for White Truffles: we wrote a post about them not so long ago! But they are not…

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  • Jul112016

    5 Things to Know about Castiglione d’Orcia

    1 Although larger, the village of Castiglione d’Orcia is somewhat less visited than Rocca d’Orcia, its sister village. The reason…

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  • Jun232016

    Roasted Red Peppers – A Tuscan Recipe

    Perhaps you have visited Tuscany in summer or early autumn, and maybe you have even had the chance to see…

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  • May192016

    Six Things about Gastronomic Siena You Didn’t Know

    1 A favorite treat of anyone who has been near Siena are Ricciarelli, those chewy, boat shaped almond cookies that…

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  • Apr282016

    Being a Foodie, the Italian Way

    In this day and age, food is without a doubt daily evolving into a traditional ‘modern art’. Ideas and combinations…

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