• Oct282019

    9 Things You Didn’t Know about Ponte Vecchio in Florence

    1 – The History Ponte Vecchio has a rich history. It crosses at the narrowest point of the Arno river,…

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  • Sep022019

    The Signature Dish of Italy: Pappa al Pomodoro

    Now, this is one dish that every single person who ever visits Italy simply must try! We know that Pizza…

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  • Aug272019

    Crostata di Ricotta e Marmellata di Mirtilli !

    We Italians love cheese, we love fresh fruits and we love dessert! So why not combine all three? Well, we…

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  • May202019

    Street Food in Tuscany: Florence and Lampredotto

      Street Food in Florence We’d like to show you another side of the city, one that will thrill you…

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  • May012019

    Eyes of Florence – Tours of Tuscany

     Eyes on Florence – Tours of Tuscany Florence is one of the cities you can’t miss, especially if you’re visiting…

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  • Oct222016

    Looking for Tradition: Villa Pandolfini and Battista Pandolfini

    Looking for Tradition: Villa Pandolfini and Battista Pandolfini Reference: http://www.treccani.it/enciclopedia/battista-pandolfini_(Dizionario-Biografico)/ Everything has a starting point. For what concerns our Academy,…

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  • Jul142016

    Fettunta: How to be Enticed by a Dish Starting with its Name

    Fettunta is particularly easy to prepare and goes well with a variety of antipasti, as we do in our cooking classes.…

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  • Jul042016

    The Via Francigena in 9 Points: from Canterbury to Rome

    1 The Via Francigena gave a new dimension to pilgrimage in the medieval period. It was a historical route from…

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  • Jun272016

    Without Salt: Tuscan Bread in 6 Points

    1 While the advent of the European Union brought many advantages to citizens of its member countries, there are those…

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  • Jul032014

    Home Made Dessert : Spuma al Cioccolato!

    Often, people believe that cooking a home cooked meal ends at the main course and choose to get dessert from…

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