• Jul032014

    Home Made Dessert : Spuma al Cioccolato!

    Often, people believe that cooking a home cooked meal ends at the main course and choose to get dessert from…

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  • May312014

    Most Popular Food from Italy: Pizza!

    There’s one dish that is pretty much synonymous with Italy, as a whole. No one in their right mind would…

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  • Feb012014

    Dessert the Perfect end to a meal!

    It’s no secret that the food in Italy is outstanding. No matter where you go, you will always find yourself…

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  • Jul082013

    Paste con crema: delicious Italian pastry

    This is a traditional Italian breakfast – a Brioche (no, not a Croissant), which can be filled with cream, chocolate,…

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  • Jul022013

    Panettone Recipe

    In Italy Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without panettone, for this reason every year we at Kitchen in Tuscany make our…

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