• Sep182019

    Seven Curiosities about Sage

    1 Sage is a variable evergreen perennial shrub, with strong taproot and square, woody branching stems up to 75cm/2ft6in tall.…

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  • Apr242019

    All You Need to Know about “Ancient Grains”

    If you worry about quality, taste and why not, your health, use stone ground flour of Ancient Grains, less gluten…

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  • Apr142019

    Get Ready for Agretti

    Agretti are a strange delight. Being the edible leaves of the Salsola Soda plant, in Tuscany – and Italy generally…

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  • Mar052019

    Parmesan Cheese – the real deal

    Mention “Parmesan Cheese” and some may think of the yellow gritty stuff with a notorious odour. Not only does this…

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  • Feb252019

    Cavolo Nero – Tuscan Kale

    Kale might be all the rage these days – think kale shots, kale chips, kale juice – but this green…

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  • Apr152015

    Return to Origins: Ancient Grains

    Ancient grains The Ancient Grains are all those grains which have not undergone intervention of selection by man and that…

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  • Apr072015

    Gnocchi Gluten-Free, Ravioli Ricotta Lactose-Free and Spinach


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  • Apr022015

    Dietary Cooking Course – Gluten Free and Lactose Free

    Because your intolerances are not a problem for us! The kids today have learned some gluten free and lactose free…

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