• Sep022019

    The Signature Dish of Italy: Pappa al Pomodoro

    Now, this is one dish that every single person who ever visits Italy simply must try! We know that Pizza…

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  • Aug242019

    Antipasto Platter: What (food) Dreams Are Made of!

    An Antipasti Platter is something, any foodie will tell you, dreams are made of. If you do it right, an…

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  • Mar052019

    Parmesan Cheese – the real deal

    Mention “Parmesan Cheese” and some may think of the yellow gritty stuff with a notorious odour. Not only does this…

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  • Feb012018

    Crostini con Melanzane Grigliate e Pecorino – How to Make it

    Eggplant and pecorino cheese crostini What happens if you take one of the most typical Tuscan starters and let it…

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  • Nov012016

    Etruscan Roots Beyond Tuscany: Umbrian Cuisine

    Etruscan Roots Beyond Tuscany: Umbrian Cuisine Reference: MAXWELL, V.; LEVITON, A.; PETTERSEN, L.; Tuscany and Umbria, Lonely Planet, 2010 Umbrian cuisine finds…

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  • Mar302015

    Cipolle with Pecorino Cheese and Bread


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  • Mar242015

    Schiacciata all’olio, Tuscan flat bread: types and recipe

    Schiacciata all’olio is one of Tuscany’s top bakery treats. It’s a type of flat bread made with flour, water, yeast,…

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  • Sep152014

    Today Lesson: Arancini


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  • Jul032014

    Home Made Dessert : Spuma al Cioccolato!

    Often, people believe that cooking a home cooked meal ends at the main course and choose to get dessert from…

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  • May312014

    Soffiato di Porri e Formaggio, Worth its Weight in Cheese

    Antipasti is often considered a little filler while you await the main course. But that’s not how we do in…

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