• Mar292018

    Pandolce: the Ligurian Sweet Bread – How to Make it

    Pandolce: the Ligurian Sweet Bread Pandolce (in Ligurian pandöçe or pan doce, in Sanremo pan du bambino) is a traditional…

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  • Mar272018

    Brandacujon: a Specialty from Liguria – How to Make it

    Brandacujon: Cod Fish cream More than a dish, Brandacujon is an action coming from the past and the people of Liguria.…

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  • Mar202018

    Focaccia alla Genovese: a Ligurian Recipe – How to Make it

    Genova Styles Focaccia Bread Known in the local dialect as Fugassa, the “focaccia alla genovese” is a simple dish full of…

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  • Mar192018

    Liguria on the Table – Italian Regional Cuisine

    Liguria on the Table Positioned along Italy’s northwestern coast, Liguria has a lot in its kitty: steep hills, fragrant herbs,…

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  • Mar162018

    Pizzoccheri della Valtellina – How to Make it

    “Pizzoccheri pasta” with potatoes, cabbage and cheese Preparation of Pizzoccheri Valtellina Casera is used when it reaches just over its…

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  • Mar072018
    Risotto Taleggio e Tartufo

    Risotto Taleggio e Tartufo: a Tradition from Lombardia – How to Make it

    Truffle and Taleggio Cheese Risotto Three typical ingredients of a Lombardy region into an Unique and Special dish If you…

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  • Mar032018
    Torta di Nocciole Tradizionale

    Torta di Nocciole Tradizionale – How to Make it

    Traditional Hazelnut Cake from Piedmont Among the several specialties Piedmont is famous for, there is one in particular that will…

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