• Jul262019

    Gluten-free Diet in Italian Cuisine

    Italy has many surprises. It is especially known for its contribution of pizza and pasta to the world, but that’s not all it has to offer.…

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  • Jul232019

    Ricciarelli – A recipe from Medieval Siena

    Ricciarelli are a traditional Italian type of biscuit. Legend tells that Ricciardetto della Gherardesca introduced them in Medieval Siena when he came back from the Crusades. During…

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  • Jul192019

    Branzino all’Isolana – A Traditional Tuscan Recipe

    Branzino all’Isolana Baked sea bass with mixed vegetables Ingredients (serves 4) • 2 x 500g sea bass, scaled and gutted • 4 potatoes, diced • 2…

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  • Jul172019

    Arrosto di Vitello Ripieno – How to Make it

    Traditional Stuffed Roast Veal It’s not an easy task to have all members of an Italian family agree on the lunch menu. Fortunately, traditional Italian cuisine…

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  • Jul012019
    rocca d'orcia

    Rocca d’Orcia in 7 Points: History and Myths

    Today, we want to tell the story of another medieval village, Rocca d’Orcia. 1 The tiny village of Rocca d’Orcia is crowned by the imposing structure…

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  • Jun282019

    Tiramisù – A Traditional Italian Soft Cake

    Tiramisù ‘Tiramisù’ actually translates to ‘Pick Me Up’, due to the caffeine and sugar used in the recipe. Ingredients (serves 6) • 3 eggs, separated •…

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