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  • Feb272018

    Traditional Brasato al Barolo – How to Make it

    Traditional Braised Barolo Beef The Brasato al Barolo is one of the finest typical recipes from Piedmont. To prepare it,…

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  • Feb222018

    Risotto alla Savoia: a Royal Tradition – How to Make it

    Savoia-style Risotto: a Royal Tradition Do you know the House of Savoia? They were the Kings of the Kingdom of…

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  • Feb202018

    Bagna Cauda: a Traditional Recipe from Piedmont – How to Make it

    Bagna Cauda Anchovies and garlic sauce Bagna Càuda is a very typical hot dish and dipping sauce from Piedmont. It…

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  • Feb192018

    Piemonte on the Table – Italian Regional Cuisine

    Piemonte on the Table In line with the meaning of its name, ‘foot of the mountain’ Piedmont is a dwelling…

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  • Feb152018
    Traditional Dessert di Mele R

    Traditional Dessert di Mele Renette – How to Make it

    Dessert of renette apples The cuisine of Aosta Valley is not only famous for soups and main courses. For instance,…

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  • Feb142018

    Traveling Through the Lunigiana – Tours of Tuscany

    Traveling Through the Lunigiana – Tours of Tuscany Traditional cuisine, nature and art in a beautiful land In this blog…

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  • Feb132018
    Traditional Costolette alla Valdostana

    Traditional Costolette alla Valdostana – How to Make it

    Veal Chops with Fontina The Costoletta alla Valdostana is one of the many delicacies Aosta Valley is famous for. It…

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  • Feb082018

    Bocconcini di Patate e Spinaci – How to Make it

    Potato and Spinach Bocconcini One day I think I’ll write a recipe book about all the dishes you could make…

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  • Feb062018
    Zuppa Valdostana

    Zuppa Valdostana: a Tradition from the Alps – How to Make it

    Valdostana Soup From the high peaks of the Alps to the ovens and the kitchens, people of the Aosta Valley…

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  • Feb012018

    Crostini con Melanzane Grigliate e Pecorino – How to Make it

    Eggplant and pecorino cheese crostini What happens if you take one of the most typical Tuscan starters and let it…

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