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  • Feb252017

    Melanzane alla Parmigiana – A Traditional Italian Recipe

    Melanzane alla Parmigiana Ingredients (serves 6-8) • 2 eggplants • 4 cups of sunflower oil • 1 T of flour…

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  • Feb232017

    Faraona alla Cacciatora con Funghi – A Traditional Italian Recipe

    Faraona alla Cacciatora con Funghi Guinea fowl with mushrooms… ‘Hunter Style’ Ingrendients (serves 4) • 1 whole guinea fowl cut…

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  • Feb212017

    Carabaccia – A Traditional Tuscan Recipe

    Carabaccia Tuscan onion soup ‘Carabaccia’ is the name of a type of barge that was used to transport salt and…

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  • Feb182017

    Coccoli – A Traditional Tuscan Recipe

    Coccoli Bread dough dumplings Ingredients (serves 6) • 400 g flour • 25 g yeast • 250 ml full cream…

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  • Feb162017

    Salsa Cioccolata – A Traditional Italian Recipe

    Salsa Cioccolata Chocolate sauce Ingredients • 200 g of dark chocolate • 15 g butter • 1 glass of milk…

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  • Feb142017

    Ceci Lessi – A Traditional Italian Recipe

    Ceci Lessi Boiled chickpeas Ingredients (serves 4-6) • 400 g dry chickpeas • 2 garlic cloves • 2 tbs extra…

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  • Feb112017

    Involtini di Pollo Ripieni di Carciofi e Fontina – A Traditional Italian Recipe

    Involtini di Pollo Ripieni con Carciofi e Fontina Chicken rolls stuffed with artichoke and fontina cheese Ingredients (serves 4) •…

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  • Feb092017

    Gnocchi di Patate con Pesto alla Fornaia – A Traditional Tuscan Recipe

    Gnocchi di Patate con Pesto alla Fornaia Potato gnocchi with walnut pesto sauce Ingredients (serves 6) For the Sauce: •…

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  • Feb072017

    Mezzaluna di Zucchini al Pesto – A Traditional Italian Recipe

    ‘Mezzaluna’ di Zucchini al Pesto Half Moons filled with zucchini and fresh pesto Ingredients (serves 4) Pastry: • 250 g…

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