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  • Sep292016

    Schiacciata con l’Uva – An Italian Recipe

    Flat peasant cake with grapes and red wine Ingredients (serves 6): • 1 bunch of red grapes • 1600 g…

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  • Sep272016

    Cipolline in Agrodolce – An Italian Recipe

    Ingredients (serves 8): • 1 kg “borrettane” inions – these are the small flat variety • 3 tablespoons of sugare…

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  • Sep242016

    Coniglio al Chianti – A Tuscan Recipe

    Rabbit cooked with Chianti Ingredients (serves 3-4): • 1 rabbit • 750 ml Chianti • 100 ml wine vinegar •…

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  • Sep222016

    Pummarola – A Traditional Italian Recipe

    Tomato and basil sauce Ingredients (serves 4): • 1.5 kg of fresh very mature tomatoes (or 1 can crushed tomatoes)…

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  • Sep202016

    Cecina – A Traditional Tuscan Recipe

    Chickpea savoury cake In 1284, Genoa defeated Pisa in the Battle of Meloria. On their return journey to Liguria, the…

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  • Sep172016

    Frittelle di Riso – A Recipe

    Sweet rice dumplings Ingredients (serves 6): • 150 g rice • 750 ml milk • 1 tbs sugar • 40…

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  • Sep102016

    Ravioli Ripieni di Noci e Melanzane – A Recipe

    Eggplant walnut ravioli Did you know that ravioli’s origins, one of the most worldly know kind of Italian pasta, may…

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  • Sep082016

    Funghi Fritti – A Recipe

    Fried porcini mushrooms Ingredients (serves 4): •600 g fresh porcini mushrooms •flour •salt •oil for frying Procedure Remove the stalks…

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  • Sep062016

    Sorbetto al Limone – A Recipe

    Lemon sorbet “Sorbet” derives from the Arabic word “sherbeth” which refers to a fragrant mashed fruit drink. However, the sorbet…

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  • Sep032016

    Patate Salvia e Rosmarino – A Recipe

    Roasted potatoes with sage and rosemary Ingredients (serves 4-6): • 1 kg potatoes, peeled and cut into cubes • 3-4…

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