• May302016

    Fette col cavolo nero, or Cabbage Crostini

    Green is the favorite color of Tuscany. You can witness various hues and tints throughout the region especially in the…

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  • May232016

    Fried and Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

    Fiori di zucca ripieni e fritti Fried and stuffed zucchini flowers Today, a typical spring and summer dish. Read here…

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  • May192016

    Six Things about Gastronomic Siena You Didn’t Know

    1 A favorite treat of anyone who has been near Siena are Ricciarelli, those chewy, boat shaped almond cookies that…

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  • May162016

    Italian Pasta Recipe: Penne with Rapini

    Overview Rapini, also known in some places as Broccoli Rabe, or even Broccoli Raab, has a strong flavor and it…

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  • May122016

    Seven Things You Didn’t Know about Tuscan Cypress

    Throughout Tuscany, beautiful landscapes are graced by the familiar and charming Cypress tree (Cupressus sempervirens). Here, we will explore seven…

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  • May092016

    Coccoli, or Bread Dough Dumplings

    Today, one of our favorite Tuscan recipes prepared many times at our weekly and monthly cooking classes in the Pandolfini…

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  • May052016

    The Cacio Pecorino: a Tuscan Cheese

    In the Val D’Orcia, Pecorino is the most widely produced and popular cheese. About 40% of all Italian cheeses come…

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  • May022016

    Torta di Verdure – Sweet Spinach Pie

    Our Cooking School offers courses also for students who have specific dietary requirements: gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and organic, keeping…

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